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Perthshires Premier Paintballing Venue

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Participants do not all have to be of the same ability as the activity can be tailored to suit your needs. The site we regularly use for the activity is a 150 foot face with a natural overhang.

Abseiling is a great all year round activity - only cancelled if it is pouring with rain, combined with a session paintballing makes for

an adventure day to remember.

Abseiling and rap running is a great fun activity suitable for all abilities and levels of expertise. With our providers you begin with a straight-forward abseil, you will get the chance to slowly build up your confidence to a level that suits you. Right up to the ultimate descent method "Rap Running". Rap Running is a very similar technique to abseiling except you descend face FORWARDS !!

The instructors will make sure that you have a brilliant time while being above all safe and you will never be asked to do anything you may be uncomfortable with.

Scared of heights? Don't panic, many clients have overcome this fear during a half day session with our activity providers which goes to show what having real experts really does make a difference to your experience.


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