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River Bugs are a bit of a rarity, only 50 exist in the world & we have 10 of them. Our suppliers were the very first company to bring this latest white-water activity over from New Zealand. This action sport has never been offered to the public outside of New Zealand and Australia, until now!

River bugs are a single person device, made up of inflatable chambers behind and beside the user, basically an amalgam of a dingy and armchair! The air filled sections ensure that you stay afloat, while extra thick padding turns colliding with rocks into something similar to a sedate dodgems ride. After learning a few basic skills, you will be able to run the rapids, catch eddies, surf standing waves and even pirouette!

You will be provided with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet, booties, fins and special webbed gloves. The gloves are designed to help with paddling and steering the bugs. You will be taught how to operate the craft, i.e., steering, safety, etc and then taken out to play on the water.

For an activity that combines the best of white water sports it has to be River bugging. This activity is open to persons 16 years old and over and runs from April to October and sessions last half a day.

River Bugging